Tooth Abscess

A tooth abscess is a pocket of pus and bacterial infection that can form at any part of the mouth due to various reasons and requires urgent dental treatment.

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Different Types of Abscess

There are different types of the abscess. Here are the three most common types of the abscess, including:

– Periapical Abscess:

If the abscess occurs at the center of the tooth and tip of the tooth’s root, it is called periapical abscess or tooth abscess, which is the most common type of abscess. It is caused by entering the bacteria into the pulp within the teeth and tooth decay. It occurs when the nerves in the tooth are dead, and there is a cavity in the tooth.

– Periodontal Abscess:

Periodontal abscess or gum abscess forms next to the tooth’s root on the gum. In this case, there is an infection in the space between the gum and the tooth. The reason is food particles are getting trapped in the spaces between the tooth and the gum. Also, it can be caused by gum disease or injury. If it is left untreated, the bacteria will be built up under the gum, and the infection can spread to the other part of the gum tissue and your jawbone.

– Gingival Abscess:

If there is a pocket of pus on your gums, it is a gingival abscess. Usually, it is caused when a foreign body such as a toothbrush bristle or popcorn hull is getting embedded in the gums.

Tooth Abscess

The Symptom of Abscess

Here are some symptoms of dental abscess and gum abscess, including:

– Suffering from severe and throbbing toothache
– Fever and feeling unwell generally
– Swollen red gums
– Swollen cheek, face, lymph nodes, and neck
– Loosen or discolored teeth
– Problem with swallowing, chewing, and breathing
– Getting worse of pain when lying down
– The sensitivity of tooth to pressure, biting, chewing, hot, and cold temperatures
– The persistent toothache reaches to your neck, ear, and jawbone
– Feeling bad taste and bad breath

If you have the mentioned symptoms, you need to visit our emergency dentist to make the appropriate diagnosis and treatment to relieve your irritation. Therefore, contact us to set an appointment as soon as you can because if you left it untreated, it can lead the moderate to severe pain and radiate to your neck or ear and cause to life-threatening and severe complications. Also, without treatment, your condition is getting worse, and you may lose the damaged tooth.

Abscess Treatment

Dr. Hamid Mirlohi will treat your tooth abscess and you will get rid of the infection by draining it. Sometimes, he performs root canal therapy to save your tooth, but in some cases, there is no way except for extracting the damaged tooth. Entrust us and leave your tooth abscess treatment at our Clove Dental Clinic.

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